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Finding Credible Sources: Home

Use the CRAAP method to evaluate the credibility of information sources.

Evaluate Your Sources Using the CRAAP Method


• Is the information up-to-date?

• When was it published?

• Are more recent sources available?

image of an article with a bullseye through itRelevance


• Does the information relate to your research topic?

• Is the information useful for your research purpose?

• Is the information in-depth enough for academic use?


image of an article with a person and a stampAuthority


• Is the author qualified to write about this topic? What are their qualifications and what is their expertise?

• Can you find additional information about the author through Google?

• Has the information been published in a source that has undergone any peer review?

image of an article with a checkmarkAccuracy


• Is the information supported by evidence?

• Has the author provided citations or links to research they quote?

• Are there errors or inconsistences in the writing?

image of a hand holding a question markPurpose


• Is the information presented objectively, or could the author be trying to sell, entertain, inform, or persuade readers?

• Who is the intended audience?

• Can you detect any potential biases? (For journal articles, check to see if there are any declarations of conflicts of interest or competing interests, as well as if there is a statement of who funded the study, such as a foundation or government body.)