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How to create citations in EBSCO: Home

A short guide to creating citations for documents in the EBSCO databases.


CMTN's databases that use the EBSCO interface can automatically create citations of various writing styles.  This applies to anything you find using OneSearch!   Learning how to perform this task is a big time-saver and may improve the accuracy of your citations.

Below is a quick guide to creating citations in EBSCO.

Step 1 - Perform a search in EBSCO / One search

Step 2 - Identify a document from the search results and click on the title to open its detailed record:

Step 3 - On the right side of the screen under [Tools] click on the “Cite” link:

Step 4 - At the top-center of the screen a box will appear titled “Citation Format” with a scroll bar on the right side. Scroll down until you find the citation style you would like to use:

Step 5 - Highlight the citation you’d like to copy and [right-click] -> [select copy from the list of actions] or use the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl + c].

Step 6 - Paste the citation into your document by clicking inside your document then [right-click] -> [select paste from the list of actions] or use the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl + v].


  • Indentation doesn’t always ‘paste’ properly so if you are using a style that indents ( eg. APA) be sure to fix your indentation after pasting the citation into your document.
  • EBSCO’s citations are very good but not perfect.  It’s always worth double checking them.