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Climate Change Emergency: Sea Level Rise

"Sea levels are rising globally as a result of increased freshwater input from melting glaciers and ice sheets and the expansion of warming ocean waters. . . . Sea level rise is complex as it varies markedly among Canada's coastlines, largely as a result of localized geological processes such as continental drift and post-glacial adjustment. For example, on the west coast of Vancouver Island tectonic forces are raising the level of the land faster than global sea level rise, resulting in sea levels falling locally. Sea level is also falling in parts of the Arctic, such as in Hudson Bay, because the land is rising in response to the retreat of the last glacial ice sheet. On the other hand, rising sea levels are occurring faster than average in the Halifax area as the land there is falling" (13).

Canada's Oceans Now 2020. Department of Fisheries and Oceans, 2020.