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Climate Change Emergency: Teleworking

"[A] complete transition to telework could lead to a reduction in annual GHG emissions of about 8.6 megatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. This represents 6.0% of the direct GHG emissions from Canadian households in 2015 and 11.0% of their emissions due to transportation that year."

"Because there are several inherent limitations to the calculations of these figures, these findings are best interpreted as providing a useful starting point for quantifying the impacts of transitioning to a remote economy, rather than providing final and uncertainty-free estimates of these impacts."

"While emissions reductions resulting from a transition to full telework capacity could generate a reduction in GHG emissions, these may be offset in part by an increase in households’ emissions for heating and in-home energy use."

"Morissette, René et al. "Working from Home: Potential Implications for Public Transit and Greenhouse Gas Emissions." Economic and Social Reports, vol. 1, no. 4, 22 April 2021.