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Indigenous Sovereignty: Statement of the Government of Canada on Indian Policy (1969)

"Other grievances have been asserted in more general terms. It is possible that some of these can be verified by appropriate research and may be susceptible of specific remedies. Others relate to aboriginal claims to land. These are so general and undefined it is not realistic to think of them as specific claims capable of remedy except through a policy and program that will end injustice to Indians as members of the Canadian community" (20).

Canada. Statement of the Government of Canada on Indian Policy, 1969. Indian Affairs and Northern Development, 1969,

"[O]nce more the Indians of Canada are betrayed by a programme which offers nothing better than cultural genocide. The new Indian policy . . . is a thinly disguised programme of extermination through assimilation. For the Indian to survive, says the government in effect, he must become a good little brown white man" (1).

Cardinal, Harold. The Unjust Society: The Tragedy of Canada's Indians. M.G. Hurtig, 1969.