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Chicago Style: Articles From Journals or Magazines

“For a source consulted via a library . . . database and available only through a . . . library account, it may be best to name the database [rather than provide] a URL” (CMOS 14.11).

Journal article from the Academic Search Complete database on EBSCOhost

Davis, Wade. “If We Build It, They Will Come: Industrial Folly and the Fate of Northwest British Columbia.” BC Studies, no. 197 (Spring 2018): 145-62. Academic Search Complete.

Endnote or footnote: 1. Davis, “If We Build It,” 151.

 “A URL based on a DOI, which will always direct readers to information about the source, if not full access to it, should be preferred where available” (CMOS 14.11).

Journal article with a DOI

Schmid-Petri, Hannah, Silke Adam, Ueli Reber, Thomas Häussler, Daniel Maier, Peter Miltner, Barbara Pfetsch, and Annie Waldherr. 2018. "Homophily and Prestige: An Assessment of Their Relative Strength to Explain Link Formation in the Online Climate Change Debate." Social Networks 55 (October 2018): 47-54.

Endnote or footnote:1. Schmid-Petri et al., “Homphily and Prestige,” 48.

See also CMOS 14.23, 14.175, and 14.189.