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Chicago Style: Books

One author (CMOS 15.9)

Frenette, Marc. 2014. An Investment of a Lifetime?: The Long-Term Labour Market Premiums Associated with a Postsecondary Education. Ottawa: Statistics Canada.

Parenthetical citation: (Frenette 2014, 4)

Two or three authors (CMOS 15.9)

Frenette, Marc, and Kristyn Frank. 2016. Earnings of Postsecondary Graduates by Detailed Field of Study. Ottawa: Statistics Canada.

Parenthetical citation: (Frenette and Frank 2016, 6)

Frank, Kristyn, Marc Frenette, and Rene Morissette. 2015. Labour Market Outcomes of Young Postsecondary Graduates, 2005 to 2012. Ottawa: Statistics Canada.

Parenthetical citation: (Frank, Frenette, and Morissette 2015, 15)

Four to ten authors (CMOS 15.9, 14.76)

Parent, Colette, Chris Bruckert, Patrice Corriveau, Maria Nengeh Mensah, and Louise Toupin. 2013. Sex Work: Rethinking the Job, Respecting the Workers. Translated by Kathe Roth. Vancouver: UBC Press.

Parenthetical citation: (Parent et al. 2013, 125-26)

Editor and/or translator in addition to author(s) (CMOS 15.9, 14.104)

Adorno, Theodor W., and Walter Benjamin. 1999. The Complete Correspondence, 1928-1940. Edited by Henri Lonitz. Translated by Nicholas Walker. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

Parenthetical citation: (Adorno and Benjamin 1999, 23)

Chapter in an edited book (CMOS 15.9)

Martindale, Andrew. 2006. “The Tsimshian Household through the Contact Period.” In Household Archaeology on the Northwest Coast, edited by Elizabeth A. Sobel, D. Ann Trieu Gahr, and Kenneth M. Ames, 140-58. Ann Arbor, MI: International Monographs in Prehistory.

Parenthetical citation: (Martindale 2006, 140)

Editions other than the first (CMOS 14.113)

Miller, James Rodger. 2018. Skyscrapers Hide the Heavens: A History of Native-Newcomer Relations in Canada, 4th ed. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Parenthetical citation: (Miller 2018, 190-91)

Organization as author (CMOS 14.84)

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. 2012. They Came for the Children: Canada, Aboriginal Peoples, and the Residential Schools. Winnipeg: Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.

Parenthetical citation: (Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada 2012, 88-89)