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APA Style: Chapter in a Book

Chapter in an edited book

Phoenix, C., & Treder, M. (2008). Nanotechnology as global catastrophic risk. In N. Bostrom & M. M. Cirkovic (Eds.), Global catastrophic risks (pp. 481–503). Oxford University Press.

Narrative citation: Phoenix and Treder (2008)

Parenthetical citation: (Phoenix & Treder, 2008)

Chapter in an edited book with a DOI

Charlwood, A., & Hoque, K. (2017). Managing people: Understanding the theory and practice of human resources management. In A. Wilkinson, S. J. Armstrong, & M. Lounsbury (Eds.), Oxford handbook of management. Oxford University Press.

Narrative citation: Charlwood and Hoque (2017)

Parenthetical citation: (Charlwood & Hoque, 2017)

Chapter in an edited book without a DOI, from a library database

Lockhart, C. (2018). Political culture and political change. In R. J. Ellis & M. Thompson (Eds.), Culture matters: Essays in honor of Aaron Wildavsky (pp. 91–104). Routledge.

Narrative citation: Lockhart (2018)

Parenthetical citation: (Lockhart, 2018)

"For works without DOIs from most academic research databases, do not include a URL or database information in the reference because these works are widely available. . . . The reference should be the same as the reference for a print version of the work."

(Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 2020, p. 299)

Chapter in an edited book without a DOI, with nondatabase URL

Zhang, X., Flato, G., Kirchmeier-Young, M., Vincent, L., Wan, H., Wang, X., Rong, R., Fyfe, J., Li, G., & Kharin, V. V. (2019). Temperature and precipitation across Canada. In E. Bush & D. S. Lemmen (Eds.), Canada's changing climate report (pp. 112–193). Government of Canada.

Narrative citation: Zhang et al. (2019)

Parenthetical citation: (Zhang et al., 2019)