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MLA Style: Web Sites

"When an organization is both author and publisher, begin the entry with the work's title, skipping the author element, and list the organization only as publisher."

(MLA Handbook 104).

Omit http:// or https:// from the URL. If you have a choice, cite a DOI (preceded by doi:) instead of a URL.

(MLA Handbook 110).

"[I]n digital formats URLs may be clickable, connecting your reader directly to your sources." In other words, you may insert hyperlinks in your works-cited entries.

(MLA Handbook 48).

Web site authored and published by same organization

Gender, Diversity and Inclusion Statistics. Statistics Canada, 18 Oct. 2018,

Wikipedia article

"Fish Migration." Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 15 April 2020,

Source does not provide a publication date, date of access noted

"Job Application Tips." WorkBC, Province of British Columbia, Accessed 1 Feb. 2021.