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MLA Style: Films and Videos

National Film Board CAMPUS

Peoples of the Skeena. Produced by James Beveridge, National Film Board of Canada, 1949. CAMPUS,

Narrative citation: Peoples

Parenthetical citation: (Peoples)


The Brink. Directed by Alison Klayman, Mongrel Media, 2019. Criterion-on-Demand,

Narrative citation: Brink

Parenthetical citation: (Brink)

Generation Jobless. Directed by Sharon Bartlett and Maria Lerose, produced by Sue Ridout, narrated by Marie MacDonald, written by Helen Slinger, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 2013.,

Narrative citation: Generation Jobless

Parenthetical citation: (Generation Jobless)

Episode of television series on DVD

"The Nuclear Option." Nova, written, produced, and directed by Miles O'Brien, season 44, episode 2, WGBH Boston, 11 Jan. 2017.

Narrative citation: Nuclear Option

Parenthetical citation: (Nuclear Option)


"The Pacific Salmon." YouTube, uploaded by Hinterland Who's Who, 22 Aug. 2017,

Narrative citation: "Pacific Salmon"

Parenthetical citation: ("Pacific Salmon")